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 TA Performance Products
 16167 N. 81st Street
 Scottsdale, AZ 85260
 (480) 922-6807


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Block & Halo Girdles, 231 / 252 V6 Block Girdles, and Lifter Bore Girdles

V6 Billet Main Caps

Billet Main Caps for V6 Buick

Connecting Rod Bolts

Performance Connecting Rod Bolts for All Buick V6 & V8 Engines.

Plugs, Dowel Pins & Woodruff Keys

Plugs, Cylinder head, intake manifold, timing cover and transmission Dowel Pins, plus camshaft and crankshaft Woodruff Keys for all V6 & V8 Buick engines.

Miscellaneous Bolt and Stud Kits

Complete Bolt Sets, Rocker Shaft Mounting, Carburetor Mounting, Frame Pad and Motor Mount Hardware Kit, Replacement Chrome Valve Cover Bolts

Frame Pads & Motor Mounts

Frame Pads & Motor Mounts


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Aluminum Block

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