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Product ID: TA_1522NH9KEY
364-401-425 9 Key Timing Set
364-401-425 9 Key Timing Set

TA’s performance and double row timing sets are made from high tensile strength cast iron, for the utmost in durability. These sets offer multiple position crank gears for advancing or retarding the camshaft. Recommended for most performance combinations.

Tips When Using Multi-key Way Timing Sets:

Determine what position you will install the timing set either by degreeing the camshaft (preferred) or per cam card recommendations. Using 4 degrees advance as an example. First note there are 2 sets of markings; the inner markings are for the key ways and the outer markings are for the teeth. In essence the gear is machined to change the relationship between the key way and the tooth, in this case for 4 (out of 360) degrees advance. So by eye it will look like you are not changing by much, but again we are talking only 2-8 degrees out of 360

FIRST: Install and position the cam gear so the dot is at the 6 o’clock position (pointing down)
SECOND: Slide the gear on to the crank using the 4A key way
THIRD: Rotate the crank as necessary so the 4 tooth (counter clockwise of the dot) is at the 12 o’clock position (pointing up). The dot on the cam gear should be pointing at the 4 (advance) tooth on the crank gear.

That is it, you are done, a very simple process. Also note when you change the degree of the camshaft you are affecting valve timing in relation to the piston, you are NOT affecting ignition timing.


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Price: $89.95

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