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Product ID: TA_1524

The ULTIMATE in double roller timing sets! The difference is accuracy. No more problems degreeing cams because these billet timing sets have nine keyways (2,4,6,8, advance and retard as well as straight up), providing full control of camshaft set up. Both the cam and crank sprockets are  machined from high grade steel - stronger than cast iron sprockets which are then. These sets utilize a true roller type chain made of the highest quality materials. Available in oversized sets matched in pairs to compensate when the block has been align bored and/or honed.

Some people will refer to the Billet timing sets as being 4 degrees inaccurate. However, it is the stock timing set that is technically inaccurate, stock timing sets had 4 degrees of advance built into them. TA Performance was deeply involved in the development of the Billet, 9 Key Timing Sets. During the development of these sets it was determined to make them true “straight up” keeping with industry standards and giving the most flexibility for degreeing camshafts. So all but the TA Billet 9 Key sets willhave 4 degrees built into them.

Oversized gear sets are available for align honed/bored engines. The compensation is NOT in the chain itself, but  in the two gears. The gears are larger diameter to take up the slack that would otherwise be in the chain. If you need an oversize you will need an entire gear set. Replacement chains are the same wether the gears are standard size or oversized. Also note that the gears can not be mixed and matched, due to the phasing of the teeth and chain.

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Price: $150.00

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