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Product ID: TA_1780-C
Limited Slip (Posi) Carrier for `68-`70 Buick 8.2' Rear End
Limited Slip (Posi) Carrier for `68-`70 Buick 8.2' Rear End

Yes! The Buick engineers did their homework! This is not a typical GM 10 Bolt rear end, but one that was designed for the full size LeSabre and adapted to the `68-`70 GS, Skylark, Special and LeSabre as a durable performance model. This is a well-engineered rear end with strength in mind when designed! This rear end has been overlooked for years due to limited production of performance gears. Now Available in 3.42 and 3.64 ratios making the Buick Rear End a contender for your performance needs. Enormous performance gains can be achieved with just a simple gear ratio change. You will not get full potential from a performance engine or transmission unless you complete the package! Replace those lame “cross country” gears with something that has teeth!

Made from USA forgings the 8620 steel ring gear has been held to the most rigid specifications. The pinion is made from 8620 billet bar stock and both heat-treated and finish ground to specifications to + or - .0002. That is 10 times thinner than a human hair. Each and every gear set is lapped to its mating gear, with all set-up information etched into the gears with each gear set serial numbered. Do not confused the standard GM 8.2 gear with the robust Buick 8.2 ring and pinion. Buick did their homework. While this is an 8.2 ring gear as is the Chevy and Pontiac, this is where the similarities end. This is an overlooked, dependable rear axle assembly that should be revisited as a rear end of choice.

The 8.2 Buick is FAR SUPERIOR to many of its rivals in so many ways including:

  • Buick 8.2 uses 10 7/16” ring gear bolts (same as Ford 9”)
  • Buick 8.2 uses larger 27 spline pinion yoke as opposed to 25 spline Chevy 8.2
  • Buick 8.2 uses a massive 1.875 pinion bearing for rigidity that dwarfs the Ford 9” (same as Dana 60)
  • Buick 8.2 uses an oversize bearing and cap on the ring gear side of posi unit for strength
  • Buick 8.2 uses the Mechanics 3R U-joint for reliability
  • Buick 8.2 uses a much lower pinion center line (hypoid) in relationship to the ring gear providing much more tooth
  • contact area as does the Ford 9”
  • Buick 8.2 uses axles retained WITHOUT using the dreadful “C” clip. All Chevy 10 and 12 bolt rear end use this “C”
  • clip system and many quarter panels have been destroyed from this poor design.
NOTE: Buick 3.64 & 3.91 Gears won’t fit the carrier without making a spacer. Buick 3.23 & 3.42 gears will fit the carrier.

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Price: $544.00

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