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Product ID: TA_1195-335
V8 Dual, Super Valve Springs

All of the TA Super Springs are manufactured from the highest quality chrome silicone tempered steel. These springs were specifically designed for Buick applications, and will accommodate most solid and roller grinds. Rocker arm clearancing will be necessary, please consult with TA tech support. Sold in sets of 16.

Fits Buick 400-430-455

O.D.          1.550
335 lbs @ 1.940
850 lbs @ 1.200
Coil Bind   1.130

Retainer: TA 1451B Series
Locater: TA 1452A.060
Keepers: TA 1434C Series

DUAL Spring Notes:

DUAL springs are comprised of two coil springs one in side of the other, springs that have a coil outer spring and a flat (dampener) spring are SINGLE springs. When using dual valve springs it will be necessary to machine the O.D. of the stock guides due to the I.D. of the inner spring. Does not apply to TA 1440 Series Springs. TA 1190 & TA 1195 Series Springs will require the spring pads on stock heads to be enlarged for the larger O.D. spring. A TA roller rocker assembly (or similar) must be used, and additional machining of the rocker will be required to clear the spring. On applications using TA 1125, 1130, 1160 and 1190 series springs (with exclusion to roller cam applications) TA Performance highly recommends removing the innerspring during camshaft break-in to reduce the chance of cam failure during this critical process. After cam break-in, the inner springs can be re-installed and run as intended. 

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Price: $345.00

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