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Product ID: TA_1498C
400-430-455 Oil Slinger
400-430-455 Oil Slinger

New Reproduction Oil Slinger for 400-430-455 Buick Engines. See TA 1498A for V6-215-300-340-350

An oil slinger is a very simple device and does exactly what it's name implies, it slings oil! Every engine came from the factory with an oil slinger, and while it is not a critical component to have in your engine (some people leave it out when rebuilding an engine), it does serve two important purposes:

  1. The oil slinger prevents the front crankshaft seal from becoming flooded with oil (which can result in it leaking). When the seal is brand new, it typically doesn't leak even if you don't have an oil slinger as it forms a tight seal with the crankshaft. However as the seal ages, it is more likely to develop a leak if you don't have an oil slinger to help keep excess oil off of the seal.
  2. It slings oil around the front of the engine to keep the timing chain and distributor gear oiled. The only oiling that the timing chain, fuel pump eccentric and distributor gear get is oil that bleeds past the front cam bearing. Most of this oil runs down the front of the block and oils the chain, but the distributor gear is on the front of the timing chain gear and relies on oil that is splashed on it for lubrication. Having an oil slinger helps keep the distributor gear and fuel pump eccentric properly lubricated.
Every engine that TA Performance builds includes an oil slinger and we highly recommend you install one in your engine when you have the timing cover off.

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Price: $20.00

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