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Product ID: TA_1799

The heat generated by an engine, even in stock form, is great enough to severely damage or even melt down vital engine parts. With higher horsepower combinations the cooling system is taxed even further. If an engine’s cooling system cannot dissipate that heat because of corrosion or deposit build-up, serious damage can be done to the engine, as well as your wallet. RMI-25 is a low cost, effective safeguard against cooling system failure. It cleans while you drive; inhibits rust, cavitation erosion, electrolysis and pitting; lubricates water pump seals and thermostats; stabilizes PH level and improves cooling by removing and preventing deposits. Just 1/16” of mineral deposits on cast iron reduces heat dissipation by 40 percent. Working in conjunction with your water pump, RMI-25 acts as a power flush while you drive. We highly recommended for all combinations especially to protect  aluminum heads, radiators, timing covers and water pumps. Use 8 ounces of RMI-25 for 5 gallon or less cooling systems.Maintain every 15,000 miles.

Did You Know? 

That the corrosion inhibitors in antifreeze/coolant dissipates over time? Though a hydrometer still shows good protectionagainst freeze-up and boil over, the coolant can actually be worn out, because of the loss of the corrosion inhibitors.

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Price: $12.50

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