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Product ID: TA_STAGE_1
455 Stage 1 Replacement Cylinder Heads

We offer replacement Iron Cylinder Heads for 350, 400-430 & 455 engines. First, each head is cleaned and magnafluxed to check for cracks. Then new guides and hardened steel exhaust seats** are installed. The guides are then honed and we continue with our competition, multi angle valve job. When doing our valve jobs we maintain NASCAR standard concentricity, which ensures the best alignment of the guide to the seat, most shops do not even check concentricity! Then we set the tip heights and select the correct springs for your combination. Prior to assembly we cut the head surface to provide the best seal for the head gasket, following that, the heads are thoroughly cleaned to remove all debris. Finally, we assemble the heads and set the springs to the proper installed height and spring tension for your camshaft while confirming proper coil bind parameters. The assembled heads are then bagged and are ready to install.

Most of our combinations use our popular Stage 1 high flow, swirl polished, stainless steel valves for best flow, standard size valves available upon request. Other options are available please inquire. This service is available for other Buick and non-Buick heads, please inquire. Subject to core availability or we can use your cores.


$200, refundable Core Charge per head also applies please call for more information.

Note: ‘75-’76 455 heads are not accepted for core credit.

**In most cases we do not install hardened intake seats, we install them as needed. For one, the Buick cylinder heads had a high nickel content which essentially made the entire head hardened. Also, the water ports are very close to the intake seat area, and the head can be compromised if a shop rushes into changing all of the seats. We also use high grade specially made magnesium-bronze guides for the best
performance, most other shops use a generic iron sleeve.

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Price: $1,550.00

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