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Product ID: TA_STAGE_2SE-A
Stage 2 SE Aluminum Cylinder Heads - ASSEMBLED
Stage 2 SE Aluminum Cylinder Heads - ASSEMBLED


    The Biggest power gains for your 400-430-455 engine are with TA’s aluminum cylinder heads, without question! We offer multiple cylinder heads to fit every performance combination. TA heads are cast from 356 aluminum and heat treated to T-6 specification. TA then machines the castings in house, on state of the art CNC milling machines, resulting in the highest degree of quality. TA Performance has been manufacturing cylinder heads for nearly 20 years and have gained an excellent reputation not only within the Buick community, but within the entire automotive aftermarket, for quality of craftsmanship as well as performance. Over the years, through our own testing as well as feedback from our dealers and customers, we have and will continue to update and expand our cylinder head offering. By doing so, Buick Big Block powered cars utilizing TA’s aluminum cylinder heads will continue to out perform more popular engine makes. TA Performance operates one of the few full service head manufacturing facilities in the automotive aftermarket and the only one within the Buick community


   TA's Infamous Stage 2 Street Eliminator (SE) series heads, the ones that started it all. Originally based off the Stage 2 iron head developed by Buick engineers, and refined over the years through almost 20 years of experience. The modified exhaust runner, or lack of, is the secret to this head. By eliminating the dog leg style exhaust runner, spent exhaust gas is sent directly into the header tube resulting in quicker flow and more volume from the exhaust port. The superior exhaust port design can be ported to support just about any combination, including forced induction. The Stage 2 SE heads out of the box have a near ideal intake to exhaust flow relationship.

    Use of these heads does require Stage 2 style headers. Headers or manifolds used on Standard, Stage 1 or TA’s Stage 1 aluminum heads will not work. You will also need to use TA 1136 head studs or TA 1131 head bolts.

    On 10:1 Compression engines, out of the box performance is usually 50+ HP. These heads can support pump gas combinations up to 600 HP, and race combinations up to 800+ HP.

NOTE: When using TA Aluminum heads on 400 and 430 engines, you must use pushrod oiling, i.e. 455 Lifters and Pushrods. Please inquire.


Stage 2 SE Primary Use:

  • When the BEST all around performing cylinder head is required
  • When the look and history of the famous Stage 2 head is desired
  • When using a GS Air cleaner and dual plane intake combination
  • When hood clearance is a concern and were the widest selection of intakes is a benefit
  • When a performance head is desired and you have upgrade parts from your iron heads that you want to re-use such as an intake and or valve train parts
  • When the purchase of headers is not an issue

Intake Manifold: Stock, Performer, B4B, SP1, SPX
Exhaust Manifold/Headers: Oval Port Headers
Rocker Assembly:
Stock, Stg. 1 & 2 Roller Rockers
Head Bolt/Stud Kit: Stage 2
Power Potential: 400-700+
Valves Int./Exh: 2.130 / 1.755*
CFM (base) Int./Exh: 290 / 220 @ .550” Lift
CFM (max) Int./Exh: 350 / 260 (Fully ported)

*On 400 cid engines, 2.000” Int. and 1.650” Exh. are used due to bore size, 2.250” Intake valve available as an option, 3/8” or 11/32” valve stem diameters available


                                                                            ~For Special Order Requests, Please Call~

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Price: $2,668.95

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