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Product ID: TA_V3850_SI-A
V6 Stage 1 SI Aluminum Cylinder Heads - ASSEMBLED
V6 Stage 1 SI Aluminum Cylinder Heads - ASSEMBLED

    TA’s V6 Stage 1 Street Intimidator (SI) series heads, our entry level head, requires the least investment in order to upgrade to aluminum heads. Provides considerable performance gain right out of the box or can be upgraded and ported for more serious combinations. The SI head can use Stock Rockers or TA V1309SI Series roller rockers. Rocker ratios of 1.55 to 1.65 can be used without any pushrod to head interference. These heads are Plug-n-Play with stock rockers, as well as your current Intake, Exhaust and Valve Covers, etc.

TA V3850SI rocker mounting stands sold separately.

When using stock valve covers it will be necessary to mill the bottom edges of the valve cover .090”. It may also be necessary to clearance the baffle on the passenger side valve cover. Ask a TA tech for more information.

SPARK PLUGS: Use NGK R5671A Series or equivalent. Increase dash numbers for colder plug or decrease for hotter.

HOTTER -7, -8, -9, -10 COLDER

Note: Accessory bracket holes are METRIC thread

Areas of Improvement/Refinement:

  • Extremely thick casting to handle very high horsepower levels
  • A raised valve cover rail reduces the chance of oil running down the side of the head when the valve covers are removed
  • All threads are rolled, were as a conventional tap cuts the metal, the roll taps used with our heads form the thread which results in a stronger thread due to hardening of the aluminum during this process

Intake Manifold: TA, Stock, BGC
Exhaust Manifold/Headers: Stock
Rocker Assembly: Stock, TA V1309SI Series
Head Stud Kit: TA 1133A (8 bolt) TA 1133B (14 bolt)
Power Potential: Will support up to 1000 HP (1)
Valves Int./Exh: 1.940 / 1.600
CFM (base) Int./Exh: 211 / 166 .500” Lift
CFM (max) Int./Exh:
247 / 195 @ .550” Lift
Chamber CC’s: 46
Runner CC’s Int/Exh: 156 / 72

(1) Indicates the potential based on the cylinder heads ability to flow, as well as the strength of the head in order to withstand the associated cylinder pressures. Amount of boost, fuel and degree of tuning are the major factors.


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Price: $2,102.25

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