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Home » Valve Train » Roller Rockers » Roller Rocker Arm Assemblies » 215-300-340-350/Rover V8 Rockers

Product ID: TA_1310
350 Roller Rockers, 1.60 Ratio
350 Roller Rockers, 1.60 Ratio

We at TA Performance pride ourselves in providing the best parts for Buick engines, one key item from our product line is our proprietary designed Roller Rockers. TA Roller Rockers feature the best materials, strongest hardware, an internal girdle feature and superior fit which make these full roller design rockers the best on the market.

STAGE 1 & 2 rockers fit all factory 400-430-455   Standard, Stage 1 and Stage 2 cylinder heads, as well as TA Performance Stage 1 and Stage 2 series aluminum heads.
rockers include the same features as our Stage 1 & 2, rockers but are larger in width in order to incorporate the necessary offset for
the additional valve spacing used on Stage 3 heads.
STAGE 4 rockers take it one step further and incorporate a wider intake rocker to accommodate a .200” adjuster screw offset due to the repositioned intake pushrod incorporated on Stage 4 heads.(see note at bottom of page).
350 rockers include all features of our Stage 1 & 2 rockers and will fit `68-`81 350 engines

All of our rockers incorporate these key features: 

  • 2024-T4 extruded aluminum alloy with a tensile strength equivalent to 75,000 lbs, far stronger than 6061-T6 material used on other rockers that equal only 48,000 lbs.tensile strength.
  • 8620 steel adjuster screws that have been specially 7/16” treated and hardened as opposed to breakage prone 3/8” adjusters found on other rockers.
  • Torrington bearings on the shaft reduce friction and provide increased durability over bushed rockers.
  • 8620 solid steel shafts incorporate a special heat treatment and copper plating method that also incorporates exact tolerance bolt holes which results in the strongest shaft on the market.
  • These rockers are .990” wide which is .090” wider than other rockers on the market. The wider rocker allows us to incorporate an internal girdle in the center, between the two shaft bearings. During the manufacturing process the rocker extrusion is first machined to .010” over the shaft diameter, then the rocker is counterbored from each side to accept the Torrington bearings.  This design increases the strength of the arm and allows for additional clearancing of the rocker underside to clear larger O.D. springs. Our big block rockers except larger springs than any other Buick rocker of this type on the market.
  • Our TA 1323A rocker stud kit is recommended for the most secure installation to the cylinder head, available for an additional $39.95.
  • TA Performance rockers are red anodized with gold anodized spacers, and each rocker is stamped with the TA logo on the top.
  • All rocker sets are fully assembled and ready to bolt on.

NOTE: On `68-`69 350 engines, upgrading  to `70 and later valve train oiling will be necessary. Please ask a TA technician for details on this popular upgrade.

If using 1.500” or larger diameter springs the rockers will need additional clearancing. This is a very CRITICAL process! DO NOT grind the rockers to clear, they must be machined as minimal as possible. We encourage your machinist to contact us for details on performing this modification, or we can perform the additional clearancing. If done incorrectly, you WILL break a rocker!

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Price: $1,299.99

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