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Aluminum Engine Blocks

Aluminum 231 Turbo V6 and 455 Reproduction Buick Engine Blocks


Intake Manifolds, Carburetors, Fuel Injection, Fuel Pumps, Replacement Parts and Related Accessories


Distributors, Rev Limiters, Control Boxes, Brass and Steele Distributor Gears, Replacement Parts and Related Accessories

Cylinder Heads

V6, 350 and 455 Stage 1 Conversions, Stage 2 Aluminum, Stage 3 & 4 Tall Port Aluminum, Replacement Parts and Related Accessories

Gaskets & Seals

Complete Gasket Sets, Stock Intake Valley Pan Gaskets, 2 Piece Composite Intake Gaskets, Valve Cover Gaskets, Head Gaskets, Steel SHim Head Gaskets, Copper Head Gaskets, Stock and Stage 2 Header Gaskets, Timing Cover Gasket Sets, Oil Pump Shim Kits, Oil Pan Gaskets, Replacement Parts and Related Accessories


V6 & V8 Performance, Stock, Main, and Rob Bearings, V6 & V8 "Extreme Duty" Main and Rod Bearing Sets

Hardware, Fasteners & Structural

Cylinder Blocks, Block Girdles, Halo Girdles, Head Bolts and Studs, Rod Bolts, Main Bolts and Studs, Intake Bolt Kits, Timing Cover Bolt Kits, Oil Pan Bolt Kits, 12 Point Header Bolt Kits, Stainless Bolts, Miscellaneous Bolts and Fasteners


Buick Full Length and Shorty Headers, GM Muscle Car Mandrel Bent Exhaust Systems, Walker & Flowmaster Mufflers, Plus related parts and accessories.

Valve Train

Camshafts, Lifters, Pushrods, Rocker Assemblies, Roller Rockers, Valve Springs, Retainers, Locks, Guides, Generation Conversions, Timing Sets, Timing Covers. Plus Replacement Parts and Related Accessories

Rotating Assembly

Crankshafts, Pistons, Rings, Connecting Rods, Wrist Pins. Plus Related Parts & Accessories

Timing System

Stock Replacement Timing Chain and Gear Sets, Performance & Double Row Timing Sets, TA Steel Billet Double Roller Timing Sets

Oiling System

Stock Oil Pumps, Hi Volume / High Pressure Oil Pumps, New Oil Pump Covers, Complete Oil Pump Assemblies/Timing Covers, Booster Plates, Shim Kits, Adjustable Oil Pressure Regulators, Oil Pick-up Tubes, Deep Sump Oil Pans, Oil Passage Drill Bits, Oil Priming Tool, Replacement Parts and Related Accessories

Cooling System

Stock Water Pumps, Electric Water Pumps, Thermostat Housings, Light Weight Aluminum Radiators, Fan Shrouds, Replacement Parts and Related Accessories

Rear End Girdles

GM, Ford, Dana & Chrysler Differential Girdles, Stud Kits, Synthetic Gear Oil, Replacement Parts and Related Accessories


Starters, Spoilers, Pulleys, Frame Mounts, Engine Mounts, Mid Mount, Lubricants, Carbide Burs for Porting, Apparel, Emblems, Decals, Tools & Equipment, Plus Replacement Parts and Related Accessories

Valve Covers & Accessories

TA Performance Cast Aluminum, Chrome, Nailhead, V6 Aluminum / Grommets, Push In Breathers, Fill Caps & Breather Caps

Bolts & Stud Kits