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Product ID: TA_1105H
455 Block Girdle C-Bored for Halo Girdle

The TA Performance block girdle is a must with any higher horsepower or high RPM Buick 400-430-455. The conservative casting of the factory Buick big block has main webs that are approximately 3/8” thick which is adequate for stock and mildly built big blocks, but is far from what it should be with serious HP and RPM. Buick engineers used a combination of a conservative casting with a large main journal crank to distribute the loads found during a stock application. However, severe main cap oscillation takes place when power levels go beyond the 600 HP mark, when RPM levels are above 6000 and/ or with the use of heavy aftermarket steel crankshafts.

The TA girdle is made from 1” thick high tensile strength ductile iron which is stronger than the iron used in the block itself. The girdle requires installation by a machine shop and when installed the girdle is an integral part of the block. The main caps must be cut and machined to fit within the saddle of the girdle. The girdle ties into the pan rail to complete this structural upgrade. This is the only way to prepare your foundation for the potential horsepower that these big blocks have. (Use of any type of girdled oil pan, no matter what type of material used will only give you a false sense of security). Ask anyone using a TA block girdle that has had a rod bolt break or Nitrous mishap, and they will tell you that the block stayed together. All that was needed was to refurbish the engine and they were back to business. Why spend so much money to race prep a block then have it gone in seconds due to a mishap.

The design of the TA girdle will help prevent blocks from distorting, cranks from breaking and main webs from cracking, all while allowing the use of a stock or deep sump oil pan. Each block girdle is machined to clear the starter, and crank counterweights and comes with complete instructions, main studs, other required hardware and necessary spacers for a complete package. Weighs 25 lbs.

Note: use TA 1106 Halo Girdle to supplement the TA Block girdle for even more strength on 900+ hp applications. Use of the halo girdle will require the use of a fabricated oil pan (usually dry sump type) and is intended to fit chassis cars, or cars with heavily modified stock engine cross members.

Includes ALL Necessary Hardware, Spacers & Instruction.

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Price: $795.00

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