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Home » Induction » Intake Manifolds » 350 Intake Manifold

Product ID: TA_1235P
350 Manifold 4 bbl Conversion Power Pack
350 Manifold 4 bbl Conversion Power Pack

The 350 Buick engine has a surprising amount of performance potential, but it has been hampered by the lack of a high performance intake manifold. TA Performance Products solved the problem when we introduced our very first product in 1983... the Stage One, aluminum dual plane intake manifold for the '68- '81 Buick 350 Engines.

Since it's inception, the TA Stage 1 manifold has been a perfect compliment to street and strip combinations by giving a substantial increase in engine efficiency and economy through it's proven dual plane runner design. The TA manifold maintains excellent low speed and mid-range torque for optimum drivebility, yet increases top end power as well. For maximum versatility the manifold is machined to accept Quadrajet and other spread bore carburetors, or square bore carburetors such as the Holley, Edelbrock, or Demon. When bolted on, this manifold will actually increase the air flow by 5% at .300" valve lift and 2.3% at .600" valve lift over the head alone. This light weight manifold (16 lbs) will give the Buick 350 a 15-35 HP increase, and improve torque and power from 0-6500 RPM all while reducing engine weight by 40 lbs.

Manifold Features

  • 15-35 HP increase, based on combination
  • .320 sec. /3.5 MPH over Poston S-Divider
  • Improves Power from 0-6500 RPM
  • Reduces engine weight by 40 lbs
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Use for street or strip
  • Better throttle response
  • Works with GS Ram Air, Air Cleaners
  • Clears hood with all stock air cleaners
  • Fits ALL 350 Buick's


600 CFM, Electric Choke Edelbrock Performer Carburetor

Performer Series Square bore carburetors are designed to provide the widest possible torque range when used with stock or performance cam and intake combinations. Performer carbs utilize a two piece construction of lightweight ball burnished aluminum which resists warping and leaks. There are no power valves or plastic parts used on these carburetors. Metering rods can be changed within seconds without having to remove the carb from the engine.


Square Bore Carburetor Adapter for 350

Use the TA 1246 thin adapter/mounting plate when using a square bore type carburetor on intake manifolds that are machined for a spread bore type carburetor. Made from steel about the thickness of a gasket. Does not compromise hood clearance. Does not work on stock intake manifolds.


Chrome 14” diameter , 3” tall element Air Cleaner

A great compliment to your new carburetor or intake manifold, or just to breathe new life into your existing combination.




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Price: $966.48

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