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Product ID: TA_1533B

    Over 20 Years of experience and a thorough understanding of the Buick oiling system have resulted in the best oil pump assemblies in the entire Buick community. Famous for their high level of craftsmanship and oil delivery, the TA High Performance Oil Pump Assemblies are regarded by many as a mandatory part of any engine rebuild. Wether a restoration, street performance or for race, the TA unit provides the oil pressure and volume necessary to ensure proper delivery through the entire RPM range, doing so while REDUCING the load placed upon the camshaft. Assemblies for 198, 215, 225, 231, 252, 300, 340, 350, 400, 430 & 455 are available. They include new timing cover, pump cover, gear set, booster plate, adjustable regulator and all the special machine work and hand work such as port matching and gear prep. Comes fully assembled and packed with petroleum jelly ready to install onto your block.

    Because of the great advancements that are incorporated into our 350/V6 timing cover, we are able to refine the oil pump assembly even further. Each assembly gets modified (ported) versions of the booster plate and pump cover to really increase the efficiency of the pump. It is not uncommon for the TA 1533 assembly to produce 30+ psi at idle, again while REDUCING the loads on the camshaft. 

If the timing tab on your old timing cover was part of the casting, you will need to purchase a new indicator and distributor hold down when changing out with these aftermarket covers.

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Price: $545.00

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