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Home » Cooling System » Radiator Fan Shrouds

Product ID: TA_2040G
GS 400 ('68-'69) FAN SHROUD
GS 400 ('68-'69) FAN SHROUD

The radiator fan shroud is one of the key components to keeping your Buick engine cool. TA offers these quality fiberglass reproductions of original fan shrouds, for most V8 applications. Utilizing original Buick shrouds as patterns these shrouds will directly replace a broken or missing original, these shrouds incorporate the same mounting provisions as original as well as the upper hose support mount where applicable.

Please note: the use of fiberglass produces a much stronger and more  durable piece than the original plastic. However, the inside will show the fiberglass texture and additional prep work may be needed in order to duplicate the exterior appearance of the original type plastic shroud.

The Essential Fan Shroud 

If you are troubleshooting an engine that runs hot, the first place to look is the fan shroud. The shroud ensures that the maximum amount of air passes through the radiator. If the shroud is missing, broken or not dimensionally correct, or the fan is not positioned correctly or not the correct size for the shroud, the shroud will be ineffective. The diameter of the fan should be within 1/2” of the opening of the shroud. The depth of the blades in the shroud should be so 1/2 of the blade is in the shroud and 1/2 outside (towards the engine)of the shroud.


Dimensions (inches):

A: 20
B: 27.75
C: 18.5
D: 17.25
E: 5
F: 20.5
G: 18.5

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Price: $175.00

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