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Product ID: TA_2150
Rover V8 Aluminum Cylinder Heads
Rover V8 Aluminum Cylinder Heads

TA Performance’s Rover V8 aluminum cylinder heads are the best performing heads for the popular Rover V8 engines produced from 1967-2004. Based upon our V6 cylinder head, these heads are a great improvement over the factory and other aftermarket Rover cylinder heads with 3.700" and larger bores.

The major area of improvement in the performance of these heads is the improved intake and exhaust ports. Out of the box, these heads flow 225 cfm intake and 135 cfm exhaust. With porting, this head can easily yield 260 cfm on the intake and 190 cfm on the exhaust ports. In addition, the valve angle has been adjusted to 13° to put the valves on the centerline of the bore which allows for the use of larger valves, up to 2.02” intake and 1.60” exhaust. The exhaust ports have also been raised 3/4” to help improve performance. These heads also feature a 1.850”-1.900” valve spring install height which allows for the use of higher lift cams. On 10.5:1 Compression engines, out of the box performance is usually 40+ HP.

Another feature that was incorporated during the design is the new 35-37cc combustion chamber shape. Factory Rover cylinder heads feature a D shaped combustion chamber. The new TA Rover head features a Heart shaped combustion chamber found on all high performance cylinder heads, including our V6 and big block heads. This results in better combustion and a decrease in the possibility of detonation, due to the more compact chamber, which increases performance. The chamber and deck thickness was also increased to at least 5/8” or thicker. This makes the heads stronger so they can handle more power without flexing and cracking, a potential problem on high horsepower or forced induction engines. The valve cover rail has also been raised to make way for additional material which gives you the ability to raise the intake ports to make it a tall port head. A raised runner provides a more direct flow to the valve resulting in additional CFM over the standard port head, approximately 10-15 CFM on average. Accessory bolt hole patterns for both the 14 and 10 bolt Rover heads have also been incorporated so that the heads fit the early 14 bolt and the later 10 bolt Rover blocks.

While this cylinder head was designed for the Rover V8, it will also bolt on to Buick 300/340 blocks with minor modifications. The stock Rover exhaust should bolt right up, but as the exhaust ports have been raised 3/4” fit there may be some fitment issues on some cars. In addition to the Rover valve cover bolt pattern, the 350 Buick valve cover bolt pattern has been incorporated on these heads allowing the use of 350 Buick valve covers for better clearance with roller rockers or for those looking to use these heads on a Buick 300/340. These heads will require new rocker arms, the stock rocker arm setup is not compatible with these heads. There are two options, shaft mounted roller rockers (TA 1309B) or Chevy style pedestal mount roller rockers. TA offers a wide variety of pedestal mount roller rockers (TA 1309C/D series), or you can use any other Chevy roller rocker but pedestal roller rockers will require the use of our guide plates (TA 1309GP - $35.00). Note: Requires the fabrication of a lifter tray cover. Uses 11/32” diameter valves 5.060” in length.

Cylinder Head Configuration:
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Price: $1,595.00