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Home » Cylinder Heads » V8 Cylinder Heads » 350 Aluminum Heads

Product ID: TA_STAGE1-350AL
TA 350 Stage 1 Street Eliminator Cylinder Heads - BARE CASTINGS
TA 350 Stage 1 Street Eliminator Cylinder Heads - BARE CASTINGS

TA’s 350 Stage 1 Street Eliminator (SE) series heads are the largest advancement in 350 Buick performance to date. The Buick 350 is a stout and capable engine featuring a strong skirted block compared to the 455 with it’s thin wall casting and poorly supported crankshaft. Until now, the biggest thing hampering the 350’s performance potential has been the factory iron heads.

Extensive (and expensive) porting is required on iron heads to make more than 400HP, and it’s difficult to find a head porter that can get good numbers out of the head. Out of the box, our 350 aluminum heads flow comparable to an average ported iron head, with room for improvement with additional porting. On most engines, out of the box performance will be 30+ HP.

Years of thought and development went into the design of these heads to make them as capable and versatile as possible while still being compatible with factory and pre-existing parts and components. The exhaust valve location was moved over which allows for larger 1.94” or 2.02” intake valves and 1.60” exhaust valves to be installed (versus the 1.92” and 1.55” for an iron head), resulting in increased flow through the entire lift range. A smaller more efficient combustion chamber design is utilized for increased performance and “bolt on” compression over the factory head. A vastly superior exhaust port is incorporated that can flow almost as much as a factory intake port.

Borrowing from the decades of improvement on our big bock heads, we added extra material around the intake and exhaust ports to leave plenty of room for porting without the fear of breaking into water. Every head come pre-drilled to use Chevy style stud mounted rockers. This allows the use of lower cost Chevy roller rockers (like our TA 1309C series rockers) for those who haven’t invested in our TA 1310 or TA 1311 series shaft mount roller rockers. All that is required is the rocker pedestals be machined off (TA can provide this service for an additional fee). Assembled heads are available standard with 1.94” Intake and 1.60” Exhaust or they can be upgraded to 2.02” intake valves for an additional fee.

TA 350 Stage 1 SE Chart

 Notes About Upgrading From Iron Heads to TA 350 Stage 1 SE’s

  • These heads require the use of a TA 1128AL (Head Bolt Kit) or TA 1133AL (Head Stud Kit). If you already own a TA 1128 or TA 1133, you need to purchase Four (4) replacement bolts/studs (they are longer) to upgrade your kit to an Aluminum Head version, Part Nos TA 1128X or TA 1133X.
  • These heads require 5.160" long valves. You CAN NOT use valves from 350 iron heads. Correct valves are available from TA Performance. TA 1082 (1.94" Intake Valve) TA 1083 (2.02 Intake Valve), TA 1092 (1.60" Exhaust Valve).
  • When using TA roller rockers, the exhaust rocker will not sit directly over the exhaust valve, it will be off to the side. This is normal, due to the exhaust valve being moved from the factory location to allow the use of a larger intake valve. This won't pose any issue to performance or reliability. If you want to correct the exhaust rocker location, a retrofit kit is available for $65.
  • Use a gasket type spark plug such as NGK BCPR9ES, R5671A-9 or equivalent.

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Price: $1,650.00

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