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Product ID: TA_V1539C-STD_CL
Clevite Competition HP Evenfire V6 Rod Bearings - STD

   Made from a unique lining bonded to an extra strength steel backing for unparalleled durability. Additional Crush and Eccentricity have been incorporated into the design of these bearings ensuring the best in durability under extreme stress and high RPM. Additional Crush ensures that the bearing is firmly positioned to deter the main journal from spinning the bearing, additional Crush also aids in lowering oil temperature at the bearing surface to prevent the oil from breaking down. The additional Eccentricity gives additional clearance at the parting line to provide the extra clearance needed between the bearing and journal to prevent the bearing from contacting the crankshaft which can happen at higher RPM when the main journals are most likely to distort.

Another aspect of the Hi-Performance rod bearings is the chamfer added to the side of the bearing alongside the crankshaft counterweight, which allows for as much surface area as possible. The chamfer will give the clearance needed on performance ground crankshafts that incorporate a radius fillet.

**Fits WIDE rod journal crankshafts only, does NOT fit production, TA V1627 or TA V1627-3.400 crankshaft. These bearings do fit most aftermarket stroker as well as TA V1627-3.625 crankshafts**

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Price: $95.00

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